USNA Parachute Team Fundraising

The USNA Parachute Team is looking for help to fund a full-time coach to train, educate, and mentor them during the week in preparation for weekend jump practices, competitions, and other activities.  For decades, West Point and the Air Force Academy have employed full-time coaches.  This professional support has led their teams to establish superb safety records, dominate collegiate parachuting competitions, and represent their schools at games or events.  West Point and Air Force’s public parachuting exhibitions are a successful part of each school’s “strategic public outreach,” and it is something USNA lacks.

USNA’s Parachute Team is an extracurricular activity funded entirely by midshipmen team members, alumni, and other benefactors. In order to raise funds to afford a full-time professional coach to put them on par with the other service academies, the team is asking for your help.  You can learn more about the USNA Parachute Team and why they need your support with this short video here.

The Alumni Representative and Team Support Coordinator, Captain Bill Boniface ’72, USN (RET), provided us with a USNA Parachute Team FAQ and information on how to contribute.  Please take a look to see if and how you can help.