Jon King USMA ‘65

Jon King needs our help!  Jon’s health is not good. As most of you know, he has been on immuno-suppressant medication since his heart transplant. He now has squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth that has spread into his lungs. His condition is at Stage 4 (most advanced stage).  For the past seven weeks Jon has undergone chemo and radiation therapy  that has affected his energy level, damaged the roof of his mouth, and impacted his speech. He starts additional chemo therapy this week.   Jon is a fighter, but he could use our support to defy the odds.   Please send Jon words of encouragement by emailing him at

Lastly, while Jon has adequate healthcare coverage, he is in need of monetary support for other expenses either not covered by insurance or otherwise. A GoFundMe account has been set up for your consideration. Please consider a donation.
About Jon. Jon is a 1965 West Point graduate, with a BS in Science & Engineering, a George Washington University gradúate with a JD with Honors in Law, a combat veteran, an award winning mediator and problem solver at Williams Birnberg & Andersen LLP. In 2017 he won the Houston Bar Foundation Award for Exemplary Mediation. Recognizing the epidemic of PTSD and veteran suicide, Jon became a board member of the PTSD Foundation of America (Camp Hope).  In 2010 he was awarded the Legion of Honor Award for Outstanding Community Service.  He’s a past-President and director for the West Point Society or Greater Houston.

Chapter Membership Extended

It goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years… for USNA, Houston, and our Alumni.  We have decided to extend ALL Chapter memberships, active and those that expired in 2020, by 1-year in an effort to encourage your participation and involvement in the Chapter as we hope to ramp back up events and activities, this fall, and into 2021.  If you have not joined, join now, before 2020 is over, and we’ll add an extra year, on us, after your membership is processed.  We hope to see you soon! BEAT ARMY.